Members’ Golf


Members’ 18 Hole Competitions are held each Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Timesheets operate on these days and all players are advised to place their names on the sheets or phone the Pro-Shop on 46966396 for bookings 24 hours before play.

Timeslots run from 6-24am to 7-12am, and 9-48am to 10.52am Saturday and Sunday. On Wednesday Timeslots are from 7-00am to 8-08am, and 10-30am to 11-00am. Competition Fees are $15.

Members also play an 11 hole “Chook-Run” on Fridays commencing at 7.00am. Cost $7.

Visitors Competition Fees are $27.

Reciprocal Members Competition Fees are $20.


play 18 holes every Tuesday from 8-30am in winter (June, July and August)

and from
8-00am for the rest of the year.

inclusion in the draw, please contact Captain Janelle Kruse at or on 0407 691 280.

Fees are $12.50.     

Competition Fees are $25.

Member’s Competition Fees are $20.

On entering Borneo Barracks for golf related activities, you acknowledge that you have watched, and understood the video, and agree to abide by these, and other rules laid down in the video or by the club.

Borneo Barracks induction video