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Storage and Charging of lithium Iron Battery Powered Golf Carts, Buggies, Scooters, or Come Alongs’ at the Borneo Barracks Golf Club


The National Golf Club of Australia has banned the charging of EVs and golf buggies at its facilities after a fire destroyed the Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley late 2023.  This was the third fire to occur at an Australian golf course within the last two years.

The fire was blamed on lithium ion batteries stored for recharging golf buggies.

The Storage and Charging of any lithium powered golf vehicle, or golf accessory is also banned at the Borneo Barracks Golf Club.

Lithium ion powered vehicles and golf equipment maybe be used at the Club by members playing golf, however the vehicles or golfing accessories are not too approach within 10 m of the clubhouse at any time.


Robert Foot


Borneo Barracks Golf Course

12 April 2024