Social Golf


Please Note the below message !!!

NOTE : No social play during the working bee.

Contact the club for social play before 2pm

Working Bee Sunday 25th Feb 0630-0900am

Working Bee Sunday 25th Feb starting at 0630am. BBQ on completion and a single stableford shotgun start around 10am. Please register interest to secretary email for catering. Timesheet open. Please bring rakes, pruning saws, utes/ trailers for clean up prior to Club Championships.

NO GOLF played on the course south of the main barracks entrance road between the hours of 12:30  to 3:30pm on Tuesday the 20 Feb 2024.

If you’re wanting to check if social golf is available, it is best to either ring the club house 4696 6396 (Mostly manned Wed Sat Sun atm), or message us via Facebook at the below link, email us at or check the Tee time availability below.

Facebook messenger


The Department of defence have decided not to accept the digital license in some instances. 

All social players, new members ensure you have your physical license with you as well, if you do intend to use the
Digital Drivers Licence as ID to enter Borneo Barracks.

Below is a guide for social golf and bookings.












 Our current sponsors – Thanks for your support.

On entering Borneo Barracks for golf related activities, you acknowledge that you have watched, and understood the video, and agree to abide by these, and other rules laid down in the video or by the club.

Click the link below.

Borneo Barracks induction video

Golfers without DCAC cards are not to attempt to enter the gate between  0630 to 0800 weekdays.

This is the busy time for defence members entering the base.

 When playing social golf please see the pro shop as a first call.

If it is unattended please use the Vendi Golf System payment for social fees.

This is located outside next to the pro shop entrance and looks like the following photo. Use this to pay for your fees electronically.
Please keep your receipt handy in case your asked for it at random by any course official.

                                                             UPDATE ON Social Play

As such here are some guidelines. Also see the above table.

Monday – ladies 9 hole comp. Social play limited between 8 am till 12.30pm.
Tuesday – Ladies 18 hole comp – limited social play between 8 am and 2 pm
Wednesday – Men’s comp from 6.40 am – social golf limited until after 2pm (Maybe a few spots during these times)
Thursday – Open for social play all day.
Friday – Chook run during the day – social play available – but don’t hold up the comp as you play.
Saturday – Comp from 6.40am usually no social play until after 2.30pm. (There may be 1 or 2 slots available call or email us for details) 
Sunday – Comp from 6.40am usually no social play until after 2.30pm. (There may be 1 or 2 slots available call or email us for details)  

No requirement to book for social golf unless you need a cart, or you wish a spot on Wed, Sat or Sun around 7 am, in which case you’ll need to contact us at the club via the 3 options above.

Social green fees via the Vendi machine located just outside the pro shop at other times when the club is unattended.

The Course is generally available for social play outside Competition times, 7 days a week.

Social golf on Saturday and Sunday is not normally available till after competition play approx 2.30pm (There may be 1 or 2 slots available call or email us for details) 

Social Club and Corporate golf days can be arranged by calling the Pro-Shop on 4696 6396

PLEASE note: anyone over the age of 16 is to have some form of photo ID. (a minimum standard of valid government issued photo ID, this ID can be a drivers licence, a passport, proof of age card or other primary identification document.)

Adult – Fees may change at the new Vendi system by a few dollars.

18 Holes…     $25

9 Holes…       $18


18 Holes…   $12

9 Holes…         $8

Motorised Carts:

18 Holes…  $35

9 Holes…     $20


18 Holes…   $15

9 Holes…      $10


18 Holes…    $15

9 Holes…      $1